Three New Apps Get Cooked Up By Google Creative Lab

When you think about Google apps you likely only thing about the ones developed by Google Inc. They aren't the only ones in existence though. Google has a division called Google Creative Lab which actually has a couple of apps on the Play Store, and today they just launched a few more for user consumption. All of these are more along the lines of fun applications to play with but don't necessarily serve much of a functional purpose like you get from other apps such as Todoist, Google Keep, or Evernote. Having said that, these are certainly interesting and some may find that they actually use them quite often.

The three apps launched today by Google Creative Lab are called Lip Swap, (let that one sink in) Tunnel Vision, and Landmarker. If you couldn't get your mind off the first app we mentioned called Lip Swap, then you're not alone. It's exactly like it sounds too, you simply select an image and you can swap out the lips of the person or animal, or thing, or really anything with lips, with your own. It's weird and quirky, but if you see yourself as a little weird and quirky this might be just the thing to bring your or someone else you know a smile when needed. You can also edit other parts of the image and swap out things like eyes and such. Next up is an app called Tunnel Vision, and what this does is let you add distortion filters to videos. You can open up the app, record a video or select one that's already recorded and then apply the filters to it so it looks like everything around the center point of the video is distorted in a number of ways. It's not exactly what you would call artsy but it has potential to be used to make some cool looking video creations.

Lastly is the third app we mentioned called Landmarker, and you can almost kind of think of this like the Field Trip app from Google's Niantic Labs, without all the cool UI elements or descriptions of places around you. What it does provide you with is a way to see interesting locations or landmarks around where you are so you can visit these places and check them out. It's sort of like a discovery tool for finding interesting places to visit, but all you're presented with is a simple interface with the name of the location. You can also tap on the name to open up Google Maps and see where it is exactly and what's around it. All of these apps are experimental and may or may not stick around, but they might be fun to at least check out for the time being.

Landmarker - Play Store

Lip Swap - Play Store

Tunnel Vision - Play Store

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