'The Sixth Flag' Has A Windows Solution For Chrome OS

Google's Chrome OS platform has seen a decent amount of growth and popularity over the years since it's been in play and part of that is due to the secure environment that it provides. Other reasons include the extreme portability consumers can find in the machines that run the OS and the speed at which the system boots up. Sometimes though you may have need for specific programs or things that you can't run on something like a Chromebook or Chromebox because they're Windows-based programs. If that sounds like a scenario you've personally been encountered then you'll be happy to know that there seems to be a new solution for running Windows on Chrome OS devices.

A company called The Sixth Flag has come up with a way to run Windows and Windows programs on Chrome OS platform using what they're calling their DaaS Solution, Desktop.tsf. It's essentially a virtual machine aimed at businesses and IT that allows for companies to keep the safety and security of a Chrome OS machine while still getting to use the things which a Windows machine can offer, like larger amounts of programs and other tools which generally wouldn't be available on a Chrome OS machine. For example, things like Office, or exchange email. The Sixth Flag's solution is a way for people to run Windows programs and tools in a more secure OS.

It also provides a way to more easily manage user access by giving you the opportunity to create a handful of virtual images to run instead of having each user that needs to run the programs their receiving their own machine. Each image could be created and organized into separate groups and then each user could be divided into one of these groups, and handed the access information, ultimately giving companies the ability to save on cost and resources, as you wouldn't have to manage hundreds of machines, rather just a handful of virtual ones. These could also be set up to start fresh after each user shuts them down so new users have a clean and unused work environment when they power the virtual machine up, something which ultimately could be extremely useful for companies who would have a larger number of users needing this kind of access.

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