Text Formatting Is Now Available For Inbox By Gmail

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Inbox by Gmail is a bit of an odd app that the Gmail team at Google released back in October of last year. What makes Inbox odd is that Google already had an email app, Gmail. What’s even odder is that the Gmail team is the team that created the Inbox app, which seems a tad bit redundant. Despite this, the Inbox app was touted by Google as offering something different than Gmail, something that would help a lot of people with busy email inboxes. Inbox contains features that would make it very easy to achieve “inbox zero,” regardless of how many emails you received over the course of your day.

Of course, with Google touting the Inbox app as being able to help users achieve “inbox zero,” many people wanted to get their hands on it. A lot of people did get their hands on it and the app saw a rapid adoption rate. Not soon after, though, the user complaints began to riddle the forums and tech blogs of the internet. 99% of these complaints pertained to Inbox’s lack of basic features that Gmail possessed, which was the email client that most Inbox users had switched from. While users were quite fond of the organization features that were built-in to Inbox, they were not fond of the fact that it was missing some of the basic features from Gmail that they had come to rely on.

Over the course of its life so far, Inbox has gained some of the features that users felt were missing from the service. Now, another feature that was missing from Inbox has been added to the service and it’s a significant one. Text formatting has finally been added to Inbox, which entails just what the name implies. Users can now use numbered or bullet lists, bold, italics, underline, and links. This can all be done through the web at inbox.google.com. Unfortunately, users will not be able to take advantage of these new formatting features via the Inbox app for Android and iOS. The features will likely roll out to the mobile apps sometime in the near future.