T-Mobile To Carry 2nd Gen Tile Tags, Give 50 Away

August 19, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you’ve never heard of the Tile before, that’s OK, but it might be worth your time to check this little piece of technology out. The Tile is a little Bluetooth tag that you can connect to your phone and you can use it to ring your device if it’s lost. Of course, the Tile and the phone will have to be in range of each other just like any other Bluetooth connected device for this to work, but so long as this is the case it can be quite helpful to those who misplace their smartphones and tablets around the home from time to time.

While you can already get the original Tile tags a number of different places, the second generation units are already on their way and are bringing along a number of improvements over the original model. Better yet, T-Mobile customers will be able to buy these in stores at the cost of $24.95. These are already located in T-Mobile retail stores across the country, but if you don’t feel like paying for one you can try your hand at getting one from the company’s outspoken CEO John Legere, who has stated in a tweet that he’ll be giving 50 of the new Tiles away to some lucky individuals.

To participate you’ll have to have a Twitter account, as you’ll need to tweet to John Legere what it is you lose most often and add in the hashtag #UnLost. If Legere finds your answer worthy he’ll end up sending you out a brand new Tile tag. As for what’s new with these little technological wonders, you can now use the Tile web app to locate your device and the Tile tag if you’ve misplaced them both. You can also now initiate a double tap on the “e” button to ring your phone which is now three times louder than it was on the older Tile tag. You can also turn your phone into a virtual Tile to share with a different device and then ring your device from that virtual Tile. This particular feature is also not platform specific so you can share the virtual Tile with another Android device or an iOS device.