T-Mobile Spends Big Money In July

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere likes to talk a big game. He is outspoken, loud and speaks his mind. He also seems to put his money where his mouth is, when it comes to T-Mobile’s adverting dollars. This past July T-Mobile spent more advertising dollars on its TV ads than Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. After AT&T took the crown in June, T-Mobile pushed back in July to the tune of 23% of all ads by the big four on TV were made by T-Mobile.

Once you stop and take a look, the numbers are staggering, and it’s easy to see why T-Mobile finally passed Sprint as the nation’s third largest cell phone provider. T-Mobile had 12 different ads that played a total of 6,000 times and paid $42.5 million for the right to play those 12 ads 6,000 times. Coming in second place AT&T used 14 spots played to the tune of 10,000 times while spending $38.9 million on ads for that month. Verizon was third spending 36.3 million on ads. Oddly Verizon spent $21.4 million on an entire ad campaign focusing on geese, which was the most for one single ad in the month of the July. Coming in fourth was Sprint, which is not surprising considering all the finical woes they are facing at the moment. Sprint spent $24.8 million in the month of July. As a whole cell phone carriers spent $183.4 million which was surprisingly less than they paid last June, which was 183.85 million.

T-Mobile’s TV commercials follow the DNA of their CEO almost to a fault. When a T-Mobile ad comes on, it does not matter if you’re in front the TV or across the room, you know when it’s on TV. T-Mobile ads are loud, colorful, bright, outspoken, and they always go after its main rivals. The company in the crosshairs for the month of July was mostly Verizon, and it’s never settle mantra. At first many people thought T-Mobile was just poking the bear of the industry leader and had no chance to be a threat to Verizon. Well, people are thinking different after seeing Verizon finally fold and ditch contracts in move T-Mobile started years ago. So maybe all this money T-Mobile and CEO John Legere are spending is having an effect, and who knows this time next year T-Mobile just might be pushing AT&T for their second place seat at the table behind Verizon.