Supreme Court Could Intervene In Samsung-Apple Case

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Just a few days ago, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals failed against Samsung to reconsider a decision that could  prevent the company from paying several  hundreds of millions to Apple, following a lawsuit that originally started in the year 2011 over an alleged infringement of patents from Samsung’s part. The South Korean company obviously doesn’t want to pay the incredibly elevated fine that the Federal Court acquainted Samsung with, as even for one of the largest and most important companies of the whole world, paying that amount of money is no easy task and would greatly affect its overall business. Today, it was revealed that Samsung will not just stand still waiting to pay its hefty fine, and will take the four-year-long battle to the Supreme Court. With this, Samsung is hoping that the governmental entity will reconsider the case and help Samsung against its long-time rival, Apple.

Samsung has gained backing from several tech giants on its patent case, including Google, Amazon, and even Facebook; all of which expressed similar opinions, this fight shouldn’t be something that companies should be competing over. Fighting over patents only limit the amount of innovation that a major or startup company could have, as the mere thought of infringing an already existing patent is enough to restrict what inventions are released to the market. “The questions present issues of enormous importance to patent litigation and the scope of innovation, especially in high-technology industries,” Samsung’s legal team stated in a bid. Samsung’s appeal to the nation’s high court will most likely be the biggest and most “high-profile” tech company conflict to have happened in recent history, as both Apple and Samsung are two of the most renowned companies in all areas of technology.

Currently, Samsung has been charged with a fine of around $500 million, which despite sounding incredibly high, it has already been dropped from a shocking $1 billion fine. If the Supreme Court approves Samsung case, the fine might be further dropped to $100 million; but for the Supreme Court to accept the new appeal, Samsung’s legal team must work incredibly hard, as the entity only takes just a minimal fraction of all the cases that are presented to them each year.