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Tree Story: Best Pet Game is a combination of an interactive virtual pet game, think Tamogotchi, where you can raise trees from seedlings to full grown trees by completing various tasks. This is more than just a game though as it also helps plant trees in real life. That's the interesting kicker here, and while this may be more fun for kids, it actually helps to foster real-world plant growth which is kind of a neat idea.

Before you can get started you'll need to download and install Tree Story: Best Pet Game from the Play Store. Once you've done that you can start raising your very own tree.


The game kicks off by having you select a type of tree to plant and offers a few different options of seeds to start out with. You can name your seed too, then you get to choose the real-world location where you want trees to be planted.



Viewing ads and earning coins in-game (which you do just by playing and completing tasks) helps contribute to planting stuff in the real-world, so the more you play the more gets contributed to the efforts.



You'll need to grow your tree from a seed to a full-grown tree, but this won't happen overnight. You'll need to keep it happy and fruitful by doing things like feeding it, giving it sunlight, watering it, playing with it etc.

There's also an option to dress up your tree pets, and as you play you'll be able to unlock more outfits to dress it up in. There's a social feature too which lets you take snapshots of your tree which you can then share with your friends and family over social networks.

It's not all pet raising simulation though. There are integrated mini games which you actually get to play when you "play games" with your pet to entertain it, some of which can actually be pretty fun. There are 13 total mini games in all.

Playing mini-games is just one of the ways to earn coins, and coins help you buy things like different food items, outfits and other stuff to contribute to the process of raising your tree. You also get daily rewards for logging in and playing each day. You'll want to everything you can to nurture and care for it so it grows up big and strong.

While this can be quite the fun game to play for kids, it also tucks in educational and useful facts about trees too, so it can also be a nice learning experience, all while helping to do some good by helping the efforts to plant trees in places that need it.

While casual games like this one aren't necessarily my personal cup of tea, Tree Story was actually kind of fun and it's easy to see how it could be wildly entertaining for kids. There's quite a bit for you to do especially with the inclusion of mini games, and who doesn't love a good sharing option to make things more sociable? At the end of the day it also helps to plant trees in the real world, which is absolutely a good thing. Zig Zag Zoom have done a good thing here in fusing an interactive and entertaining game with a real effort to foster tree growth which is pretty cool, and the educational aspects could be great for kids or anyone who just likes learning new things.


  • Speed (5/5) - Gameplay was fluid and wait times between menus were almost nonexistent.
  • Features (4/5) - There's quite a bit more to do besides just caring for your tree and with mini games and fun facts it's got some nice touches.
  • Theme (4.5/5) - The game UI looks great and really evokes the overall style of the game. It's nice to see different backgrounds depending on the location you plant trees too.
  • Overall (4.5/5) - There's enough packed in here to make for a nice casual gameplay session which also helps to do some real-world good.


  • Helps plant trees in real life
  • mini games
  • lots of interaction with ability to feed, water, and care for your pets
  • extremely kid-friendly
  • ad-free option for $0.99


  • Would be nice if all mini games were available from the start

It's not often you come across a game which not only entertains but has an affect on the real-world. Tree Story: Best Pet Game offers up great fun for kids of all ages and adds in some educational fun facts while also allowing play sessions to directly affect tree planting efforts, which is a really neat idea. It's also great that there are two available options, one free and one paid version that costs $0.99 and is ad-free, so people can choose which version suits them best. For casual gamers that enjoy these sorts of games, this is a great option. If you're interested in giving this game a try, you'll find the link to the free version up top, or you can pick up the paid version without ads from the button below.

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