Sponsored App Review: SurfEasy: Free VPN for Android


SurfEasy is a VPN option that aims to be as easy as possible to use while still offering excellent privacy protection, as well as the ability to appear as though you're connecting from elsewhere. Great for those looking for some more privacy online, those traveling abroad or just for those times when you don't trust your friend's WiFi network. Super-secure and easy to setup with reliable servers all over the world, this is a solution that many will find agreeable, especially as there are extra features like the ability to prevent ads from tracking you on the web as well.

Getting started with SurfEasy is pretty simple, you just need to download it from the Play Store. Once launched, you'll be given an introduction into what this VPN offering has for you.


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Signing up for SurfEasy is nice and easy, you don't need to provide your name, and you can use whichever email address you like, including a dummy account.

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With the free version of SurfEasy you get access to 500MB of data each month, however you can earn more data by watching ands and referring friends. You can get an extra 100MB for using the service for 5 days even.

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I'm a UK user, so when using a VPN, I may as well connect from the US to get access to different streaming content and that sort of thing. By default however, I found that the "SurfEasy optimised" version was a UK IP when using the VPN. You can choose from a long list of locations in the pullout menu from the left.

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Now that I'm connected to the US, you can see that I have a new IP and have been assigned a fake location of Tampa, Florida.

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I ended up with 575MB of free data, but if I wanted more I can use the swipe-in menu from the right to refer people and such.

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I've only been using SurfEasy for a short time, but you can check how much data you've been using from a swipe-up menu from the bottom.

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170MB or so was roughly a little web browsing and a couple of music videos from YouTube, so it's clear I am going to need more data. Thankfully, SurfEasy's unlimited package is really quite cheap and you can choose from annual or monthly billings.

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With this unlimited package, you also get access to a neat feature which prevents ads from tracking you.

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Overall, after spending a little time with SurfEasy, I'm pretty impressed at the overall quality of the service and the app itself. I did find that things were a little slower when connecting the VPN and such, but I felt more confident using this than I have done other VPN solutions. The fact that you can easily connect from different regions all over the place is great, and I will definitely be using this when on holiday later this year. I don't think the unlimited prices are unreasonable, especially as this is a system VPN method, rather than just some sort of app that works when it feels like it. I was happy with the whole range of options here, but I do wish that there was a free trial for the unlimited package, as you never know how good a VPN is until you use it for a long time. Still, when using 720p YouTube as a test, I never noticed a speed drop on my 4G connection. I think this is an excellent way of getting online when you're abroad or looking to get access to restricted content, not to mention the fact that using a VPN is just a safer option all round when dealing with sensitive information.


  • Speed (4/5) – I never noticed a big drop in speeds when using this, while there will always be a little drop, it was not noticeable in use.
  • Features (5/5) – For a VPN solution, SurfEasy is not only easy to use as well as super-secure, but it's reliable and affordable. With a free option that allows for more free data, it's fairly easy to test out as well.
  • Theme (4/5) – The app is both easy to use and easy on the eye, although the popups to recommend users and sign up for the premium option are less than ideal.
  • Overall (5/5) – I haven't felt this confident in using a VPN for a long time, and considering that just a few dollars a month will get your five devices with unlimited use, it's an affordable one as well.


  • Works nice and quickly, with a speedy connection time.
  • Long list of countries you can appear to be connecting from, including the US and much of Europe.
  • Affordable plans offer a lot for your money, including ad tracking blocked, too.
  • Not just for smartphones, can be used on up to 5 different devices for a small cost each month.


  • Free unlimited trial would be nice to see, but you can extend the free data amount quite easily.
  • Quick access widget would speed things up a little.

After spending some time with SurfEasy I'm impressed with how good a service it is, and how reliable I think it is. It didn't hamper my connection speed, and the unlimited package is very, very affordable as well. As VPN solutions go, this is right up there with the best of them.