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Quotes can be a nice inspirational tool or they can simply bring enjoyment, and with so many different quotes from recognizable people on the planet there can be a quote to suit nearly any mood. Random Quotes is an app which has the sole purpose of serving you up a series of random quotes to look through any time you might need to feel inspired. It's easy to use and quotes appear on screen in big easy to read lettering.

Before you can dive into the library of quotes that Random Quotes has available, you'll need to download and install the app from the Play Store.

Random Quotes is a simple app to use. There is no setup or configuration to have to deal with, simply open the app and read quotes that appear immediately on screen.

You can customize things a little bit if you wish, simply by entering into the settings menu where you'll find options like background, font size, font family, font style, font weight, and image an option to toggle on/off image quotes.

You can also filter the quotes you want to see by different categories like author or topics, or you can simply do a search for quotes by keywords if you know a specific quote you're looking for but can't quote remember who the quote is from.

If you find a quote you like and want to share with others, you can hit the share button to share the quote through social media like Facebook or Twitter, or you can send the quote through email or simply store it to places like Drive or Dropbox.

Maneuvering through quotes is rather easy as all you have to do is swipe on screen left or right to move back and forth between them.

There is also a quotes widget which you can add to the homescreen if you want the quotes to be delivered to you without having to open the app. The widget will cycle through a new random quote every hour. In addition, you can also enable daydream mode where the app cycles through a steady stream of quotes from the lockscreen if you have daydream enabled from your device settings. Random Quotes will need to be set as the daydream app and your device will need to be charging for this to work.

Random Quotes is quite a simple app to use and a simple app in general. There isn't a lot packed in which is just fine. It's purpose is to list quotes from various authors so you can look through them when you want or need to. While it does carry a few different customization options like background color, there isn't an overload of unneeded features or functions. Open it up to read a quote or add the widget to the homescreen and see a new one hourly.


  • Speed (5/5) - The app is light and pretty fast. It opens right up to the quotes without any lag.
  • Features (4/5) - It's light on functions and features but that helps to prevent taking away from the main feature which is the quotes itself.
  • Theme (3.5/5) - The general design of the app is bare, yet offers a collection of different background color schemes to choose from.
  • overall (4/5) - Runs well and has plenty of quotes to sift through with options to make filtering and searching specific quotes easy.


  • Different background colors to choose from for a little bit of customization.
  • Easy to use.
  • filters by topic or author.
  • keyword search.
  • Widget which cycles through quotes automatically on the hour.


  • Theme of the app is fairly simple, would like to see some material design

If you enjoy quotes and like to read them daily, this app should suit you pretty well as it seems to have quote a collection of quotes from different authors and topics. The widget access makes it easy to see a new one every hour without having to open the app, or if you prefer to read them when you choose, you can do so in the app and configure a few different options like font style and size among other things. If you all want is quotes to inspire or just bring some enjoyment with no frills or extras, Random Quotes would be a great choice.

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