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Into the Void is a space-based strategy game where you take control of an organization made up of people who have split off from between four different factions who rule different portions of the universe with their own expertise. You'll be building up your fleet and arming yourself to defend against encroaching ships, scouring the expanses of space for resources, and exploring new territories and planets. There's also a tech tree you can research and expand your technological knowledge, and the game boasts tons of replay value as you won't be able to research all the technology during a single completion of the game.

Before you can get started with exploring space and building your fleet, you'll want to head to the Play Store and download Into the Void.

Often times with strategy games things can start off a little complex and perceived as otherwise difficult, but Into the Void does a nice job of making sure that even newcomers to the strategy genre are able to pick up and play this title thanks to the descriptions. Reading in this game will be plenty important, which not only helps you to understand the gameplay better, but it also immerses you in the backstory.

While some of the game will allow you to explore and kind of do your own thing, there are a set collection of missions and submissions which you can engage in to become more engrossed in the games lore.

Every so often you'll come across enemy ships and will have to battle them, so making sure you have enough weaponry and defenses is key. Each different faction also has their own specialties and weapons types, so making sure you have the right weapons and defenses for the battles will be important as well.

Battles are also turn-based, which gives you a little bit of time to get up to speed with the flow of the battles and how they work.

At the moment there are only so many missions and submissions to go through, but the universe is randomly generated which makes each mission unique at every play through. So you can do missions multiple times and things will never feel quite the same.

One thing this game has an abundance of which players will surely notice, is that there are a large number of technologies to research and discover as well as a decent number of battleships, giving you something to work towards if you want to experience everything.

Graphically the game is pretty, and that's something which gamers should appreciate here. It's even more noticeable if you pinch to zoom in allowing you to see better details of the planets, ships and other things generated in the universe.

Building ships and weapons and gathering resources are important but you will also need to make sure the morale of your crew is in tip-top shape. The higher the morale, the more power you have, and having a low morale could mean the difference between life and death.

Strategy games usually require a little more of your time and attention as even the smallest details can be important, but never once did I feel that Into the Void was too difficult or impossible to understand, which was a nice touch as even someone like me who isn't a huge fan of strategy games was able to play it and enjoy it. The upscale visuals were pleasant, and the sense of depth given off while playing felt right at home in this type of a game.


  • Speed (5/5) - The game cruised along at a nice pace without stutter issues, and load times seemed quite appropriate and not too long.
  • Features (4.5/5) - The game offers up quite a bit in terms of stuff to do, players definitely shouldn't feel bored.
  • Theme (5/5) - Graphics were great, and the UI was pretty slick giving the overall look and style of the game a well-rounded aesthetic.
  • Overall (4.5/5) - It blends together just the right amount of complexity, strategy, and graphics to make this a pretty good game in the genre.


  • Great graphics
  • Randomly generated universe
  • Lots of tech to research
  • Awesome spaceship battles
  • Lots of ship types
  • Space exploration


  • Price might be too high for some, but the game also has no IAP's whatsoever which will make many gamers very happy.


Into the Void has plenty of stuff to offer fans of the strategy genre. Even more so if you like space games. Users will find the randomly generated universes appealing as it adds a sense of longevity to the gameplay time by allowing gamers to play through more times to experience unique sessions. If you like digging in and getting immersed into the game you're playing this is certainly one you should check out.

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