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Fly Fall: Slice Frenzy is a fun casual game for Android that asks players to swat bugs like flies, wasps and even dragonflies, while keeping ladybirds safe. There are two modes on offer, a 2-minute arcade style challenge and then a Frenzy Mode, that asks players to keep on swiping for as long as they can without hitting bugs with red lights on their bodies. Fly Fall is a fun game that is easy to play with simple controls and game mechanics to remember, and it's available for free, with subtle ads to deal with. So, let's see how good a game it really is, shall we?

First things first, you'll need to download Fly Fall from the Play Store, and then open the game up.


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As you can see, there are two different modes. The 2-minute challenge is what I'll start off with.

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The flies and wasps you need to attack by swiping to cut them down, the ladybugs you just need to tap to get them to safety without killing them. The gas grenades are just one example of the power ups available in the game, and they eliminate all bugs on the display when you strike it.

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The Frenzy Mode is a little different. You can keep on going for as long as you can, but you need to avoid swiping the bugs with blinking red lights on them.


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That's all there is to the game really, it's certainly not the most complicated game out there, but it is good fun and it's got an arcade feel to it that I quite enjoyed. I do wish that there was a little more about the game, but it's good fun, and quite addictive. The controls are very responsive and there's no input lag or anything like that, and they're easy to figure out what does what as well. The graphics might not be that exciting, but they're crisp and look good on high-resolution displays and the bugs aren't too creepy that kids would be scared of them or anything. In fact, I am not too keen on bugs, but didn't have a problem with a game like this. The sound effects are clear and easy to understand as well, which is important for a game like this, I think.


  • Speed (4/5) – Fly Fall is a speedy game that runs nice and quickly, without any issues where performance is concerned.
  • Theme (4/5) – They might not be the best out there, but the graphics here are crisp and clear, and they get across the message nicely. The sound effects are great as well.
  • Features (3.5/5) – This is a fun and simple arcade game that doesn't seem to offer all that much. It is however, a game that has just launched, and it is still a lot of fun, there's no doubting that.
  • Overall (4/5) – Over time, we're sure that Fly Fall will get better with new features and this sort of thing. Right now however, this is good arcade fun and I'm sure a lot of people will be very happy with it.


  • Easy to get to grips with, gets going nice and quickly, without any hassle.
  • Two different game modes offer players some good flexibility.
  • Frenzy Mode is as much a test of nerve as it is against the game, and is great fun.
  • 2-minute game mode offers up bite-sized gameplay that anyone can play on their way home from work, in the bathroom or wherever.


  • Does remind me a little too much of Fruit Ninja here and there.
  • Other game modes and more power-ups would extend the overall gameplay.

Fly Fall is a good game that arcade players and casual gamers will love. It's simple to play and works on tablets as well as smartphones, with just a few ads here and there. It's free and good fun for both kids and adults alike. Over time, we're sure this will get better as it's just launched, but as it stands this is good fun for all.



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