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It's quite obvious that Drizzle SMS is a messaging app that you can set as your main texting app similar to others like Hangouts, Textra, Chomp and many others. Where Drizzle SMS differs from all these other options is that it pays you to do the things you likely do on a daily basis anyway: send text messages. Texting is the most used form of communication these days, so why not get paid to do it? How does this work? It's simple, Drizzle displays ads inside of your text messaging conversations, and by viewing these banner ads while in your text thread you can accrue what are called drops, which you can turn into cash.

Before you can start getting paid to text people, you'll need Drizzle SMS installed on your device. Head to the Play Store and download the app, and you'll be able to start earning money for doing something that you normally do.

Since this is a text messaging app, there isn't much of a surprise on what to expect here. You can open it and send text messages just like you would any other application, but with ads inserted so that when you view them you can earn money.

Money racks up in the form of "drops" which are distributed once per night, and the more drops you get the more money you can earn. Drops can then be converted into cash, or if you prefer you can turn them in gift cards or PayPal currency.

The app also just went through a recent update and added some new features, like customization with dark and light themes, as well as a new "quick reply" feature, and other customization options are in the works. The UI is also sporting material design so it looks pretty decent.

The developers of the app seem to be fairly involved with their users and engage with them via Play Store comments and a DrizzleSMS subreddit, which is nice to see. This displays they're willing to listen to user feedback and do their best to make enhancements and improvements that users are looking for.

There is also an integrated feature called Drizzle Ask that displays in the form of a little icon on the side of the display. This will pop up every so often and give users the chance to take a survey which, if completed, can earn them more drops which means more money.

The app works well to earn easy money when paired with Drizzle Labs' other app called DrizzleClock which also offers drops in the same way, by showing ads when users wake up and view the alarm to turn it off every morning. Drizzle also intends to develop a sort of ecosystem of apps which pay users in drops just for doing simple things they already do on a daily basis.

To take the drops you earn from using the Drizzle SMS app as well as DrizzleClock, you'll need the Drizzle Rewards application which allows users to convert their earned Drops into their desired form of money or gift cards, or you can use the app to donate your drops.

As SMS apps go, Drizzle isn't half bad and not only incorporates material design and some customization to make it more personalized, it offers users a way to make money by just using the app like a normal messaging app. Plenty of people don't care for the idea of seeing ads in anything they use let alone their apps, but ads are already implemented in many free apps anyways, and Drizzle's banner ads are small and otherwise out of the way. In addition to this they pay you to view them as you text which seems like a fair trade-off.


  • Speed (5/5) - The app opens up without lag issues and even the ads display pretty quickly
  • Features (4/5) - The app is off to a great start with included features and there is only more to come
  • Theme (4.5/5) - With light and dark themes and a material design UI Drizzle SMS looks great, all that's needed is some color customization options
  • Overall (4.5/5) - It's not loaded with useless features but it isn't bare bones either which makes it surprisingly well-rounded


  • Pays you for sending text messages
  • Material Design UI
  • Light and Dark themes with more customization options coming
  • Quick Reply feature
  • multiple options for how to convert your "drops"


  • Lack of color customization options for things like chat bubbles or windows, but more customization options are coming so this could be included in a future update


There's not much to say here except that if you don't really mind the appearance of small banner ads while you send texts, there's no reason not to use this since you'll earn money for doing so. The ads are even out of the way and fairly unobtrusive so you can't accidentally tap on one and being taken away from what you're doing. The app also has a handful of nice features from customization to functional uses like the quick reply. If ads don't bother you and you send texts quite a bit, (even if you don't send many) Drizzle SMS is free and worth a look.

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