Sponsored App Review: Centrallo – Lists & Notes With Sharing


Centrallo's main goal for you as the user is productivity. Boosting your productivity rather, by giving you an app which lets you easily make lists and notes ranging from anything like shopping lists to notes reminding you to send off those all-important emails at 3pm on a Thursday. The app helps you organize everything, and you keep what you need personal to yourself while sharing and forwarding to others if need be via various means like through Twitter or Facebook or through email. It even lets you sync across platforms so you can access your stuff no matter where you are. It has an offline mode so any work completed while offline will sync when you are connected to the internet.

Before you can get started with Centrallo – Lists & Notes With Sharing, you'll need the app on your device first. To do so you can download Centrallo from the Play Store to move forward.



Upon opening the app you're presented with various screens that show you what Centrallo can do, almost like a tutorial. You're then asked to sign up or sign in if you're an existing user of Centrallo on another platform.



The app says you can create unlimited lists and notes, although you do have a limited amount of storage available with a free account. Up to 10GB which doesn't sound like much but it's quite a bit for the type of stuff most people can store within Centrallo.


The app is neatly and elegantly styled with a material design UI so the app is pleasing to the eye and feels familiar to use now that many other popular apps are using this same UI format.



The app doesn't just let you create and store lists or notes though. You can also store photos, videos, links, voice notes, and more types of files. Keep in mind you'll use up your free storage quicker with larger files though, so you might want to consider options for more storage if you need it. If this is the case you can set up a premium account which costs $4.99 a month or $44.99 annually and you get 15GB instead of 10GB. You can however also get free note storage by referring people to use Centrallo. Refer and each person who signs up gets you 50 free notes. Once you refer 10 people who sign up, you get a year free of the premium subscription.



You can easily create reminders with Centrallo too as well as sync the notes with your calendar while doing so, this makes it super easy to make sure you get things done if the notes you create are to remind yourself to complete certain tasks.


If you store tons of notes, Centrallo also makes sorting easy with various options, including sort from A-Z, lists first, creation date and showing the lists or reminders that are already done.



You can also "star" items you add to mark them as priority that show up in red so you see these at the forefront upon opening the app, which makes staying on top of your most important stuff rather quite simple. There's also a nice level of security as you can optionally set passwords for everything you store.



As a list and note application, Centrallo is pretty robust, offering a nice, easy-to-use interface that not only feels familiar but looks great. You get a decent amount of free storage for simple notes and lists, and if you need more and plan to store photos and videos as well, you can opt-in to a premium account for a monthly fee which is nice to have. Although this isn't required which is even better, and if you can convince others to use it you can stack up some good free storage. There's more than enough features to make it a replacement for something like Evernote which offers similar functionality too.


  • Speed (5/5) – The app opens up nice and quick and using it was a smooth experience without any lag issues for me personally.
  • Features (4.5/5) – There's quite a few features to make this more than a simple note application, and the sync capability makes things easy to use no matter where you are.
  • Theme (5/5) – The UI is styled with material design, so that's a major bonus and should delight most users.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Anyone looking for an app to make lists and notes and have access to them virtually anywhere would enjoy Centrallo. It offers quite a bit for functionality and is simple to set up and use.


  • Material Design UI
  • Syncing across platforms
  • sharing options to share lists and notes with others
  • stores links, photos, videos, voice, notes along with regular lists and notes
  • options for gaining free storage alongside premium account options


  • Premium account may be a bit much for some users with the free option potentially not offering up enough space.

If you pride yourself on productivity, there's no reason not to try Centrallo. I've found that it helped me stay on top of things a tad bit better over my time using it, and you can't argue with free. The design is great and setup was easy. The app also recently added a note widget to making adding new notes and lists easier as you can do it from the homescreen. I would like to see just a couple more features included, but right from the start it's easy to see Centrallo takes productivity seriously.