Sony Teases Smartphone With Improved Camera Capabilities

Sony Teaser IFA Greater Focus

Sony has been focusing on the cameras they integrate in their smartphones for some time now, but despite having high megapixel sensors, pictures taken with them still fail to impress and the lack of technologies to improve the quality of the photos taken, like OIS, is another reason to the company has received criticisms. Some users have proven that the sensors are not the aspect under-performing, but rather it is the fault of the software that Sony uses to process the captured images. As manual settings on cameras usually provide better results than the Superior Auto mode that's activated by default.

The company has also proven to have the necessary technology to capture great photographs, as their IMX230 Exmor RS image sensor feature Phase Detection Auto Focus, that along with its 192 points of focus help to capture moving objects. Plus, HDR now supports higher resolutions in both pictures and video. The recently announced Motorola Moto X Play and Sony's Xperia M5 are said to integrate this sensor and the results in both of them have been positively so far, capturing sharp pictures even in low-light conditions.


Now, Sony has posted a picture teasing the announcement they will make on September 2nd during IFA in Berlin. It was communicated via Sony Mobile's Twitter account and it says "Get ready for a smartphone with greater focus. All will become clear on 02.09.2015.". There's a blurry picture of a phone with the usual camera interface that the company has been using and it's taking a picture of the Brandenburg Gate at dusk. The teaser clearly points at a new phone with a new technology to capture better photographs and at low-light, nonetheless. So it could be the new sensor integrated in the new phone or a series of technologies to improve the pictures.

The obvious prediction is that Sony will unveil the Xperia Z5 flagship, but according to recent leaks, the company could also announce its smaller version, the Xperia Z5 Compact. Rumors regarding the specs on both devices are still scarce, but they would most certainly integrate a fingerprint scanner on the redesigned and enlarged power button on the side. There's also a rumor that the company is making a larger version called Xperia Z5 Ultra, but due to the lack of leaked images or specs, it might be released a little later.

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