Sony Crowdfunds Wena Wrist, A New Premium Smartwatch

August 31, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

We’ve been seeing quite a few smartwatches being released this year. Google’s Android Wear platform definitely played a huge part in that, and same can be said about the Apple Watch which surely inspired some OEMs to make their own smartwatches. LG has unveiled their new luxurious smartwatch earlier today, and yet another premium smartwatch is being crowdfunded through First Flight, Sony’s very own crowdfunding platform. Confused? Well, let’s see what’s this all about, shall we.

First Flight is Sony’s very own crowdfunding platform which was unveiled back in July. Back then, Sony said that they’ll be crowdfunding their own products via this platform, and that’s exactly what just happened. Sony is crowdfunding a new smartwatch called ‘Wena Wrist’. This is a premium smartwatch, and its name stands for ‘wear electronics naturally’, while the watch looks quite sleek, and quite frankly it doesn’t remind us of a smartwatch at all. There are a number of images in the gallery down below for you to check out, a video is there as well if you’re interested. This smartwatch isn’t exactly Android Wear-based, as you’ve probably already noticed. The Wena Wrist comes equipped with a number of functions, it will let you know when a notification arrives through vibration, and a customizable LED light which is available on the watch. It also serves as an activity tracker, and the watch also supports NFC wallet which is compatible with the Japanese Felica standard.

This smartwatch is going to be available in two models, if the campaign is successful, of course. The ‘Chronograph’ model has three separate hands for telling time, showing you hours, minutes and seconds. The ‘Three Hands’ model, however, sports a regular watchface on top. Other than that, these two watches are identical, both are 42mm across, in case you were wondering. Interesting enough, these watches have a lifespan, the Chronograph model is said to last for five years, and the Three Hands variant will run for three years. The watch is said to ship in March and April next year, and it will cost from ¥34,800 ($287) (Silver Three Hands), up to ¥69,800 ($576) (Chronograph in Black).