Sony Is Closing Down Its Online Store This Month

Sony 2

All good things must come to an end it seems, and for Sony that looks to be this month. The Japanese tech giant has informed its customers through email that on Aug 28th it will be shutting down its online store as it prepares for a “new online product showcase” that it will unveil in the future. This news is potentially scary for Sony lovers as this comes on the heels of Sony closing all of its brick and mortar stores expect its LA and NYC stores in a cost-cutting move starting last year.

With this announcement coming out of nowhere, Sony customers have a few things to think about that might have caused Sony to take this action. First, how many smartphones, tablets and cameras is Sony selling on its online store? The online sellers’ market is vast and deep from Amazon to Swappa,   so if the prices are not competitive merchandise won’t sell. Second,   does the recent announcements by smartphone rivals Motorola and OnePlus have an effect on Sony’s decision. With both OnePlus and Motorola selling their old phones and choosing to release their new phones on their own website and a few other websites such as Best Buy and Newegg with no cell carrier tie-in, it makes you think maybe Sony is planning on going that same route. By saying that they plan to have a new online showcase one can only guess that they might be planning to follow the Motorola and OnePlus way of doing business. One thing that is not a guess is that Sony mobile needs a shot in the arm.  With only the oddly named Xperia Z4v coming to the U.S. on Verizon, Sony’s mobile footprint is very weak in the States at the moment. Add in the poor sales of the Xperia Z4 in its home country of Japan, despite Japan being a Sony stronghold it looks like Sony is in desperate need of a change.

On the bright side, change seems to be coming from Sony with this announcement of a new online product showcase, and this past week’s announcement of  “Something golden is sparkling on the horizon… #Xperia” set for Aug 3. Sony has long great history in the tech world. It will not only be good for them, but great for the industry as a whole to see them get their footing and reclaim their place as an innovator in the tech community.