Snapdragon 820 Won't Be Announced That Soon After All

AH SnapDragon Qualcomm 1.6

So the tech world was abuzz this week about a few things, from the dangers of Stagefright to leaked phone pictures, and an imminent announcement from Qualcomm about their newest version of Snapdragon, 820.  Well not so fast, in a world of leaks and the speed of information flow not everything you read online is truth.  Now not calling people liars but sometimes the information put forth isn’t always 100% accurate.  They might think it is but that is why it is a leak and not a press release.  Well Qualcomm didn’t want to disappoint its fan or user base so they tried to correct the rumors.  See Qualcomm invited a bunch of people to LA next week which everyone took that an official press release was going to happen about 820.  It’s not, simple as that.  Qualcomm will be attending SIGGRAPH 2015 next week and will be showing off some of its gaming technology but there is no official announcement planned.

Qualcomm must be happy that there is so much anticipation to their newest processor, especially after their biggest customer, Samsung, ditched them for the Galaxy S6 because of overheating concerns.  Qualcomm took alot of press over this announcement by Samsung so they would love to get passed the 810 and move right into the Snapdragon 820 with no issues.  Qualcomm’s’ 3rd quarter revenue dropped 14% which is never good.

For those of you non-techies out there Snapdragon is a group of chips that are made just for mobile devices.  They make your videos look amazing and run in 1080p, stream music producing high quality sounds, and incorporate WiFi, bluetooth, and GPS all on the same chip.  This cuts the cost of the devices and improves the battery life.

Now things seem to be fine between the two companies and business is just business because sources are saying Samsung will be placing an order for the 820 processors for their next flagship smartphones.  The timeline for samples to hit manufacturers is sometime before the end of the year with mass production starting early 2016.  This should put the new processor out just in time for the next Galaxy device to be announced.