Sheets For Android Update Gets Auto-Fill/Auto-Keyboard Switch

August 20, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google has started to push out a new version of the Sheets application for Android, which means some bug fixes and improvements as usual but there is also going to be some new features added in to this version as well. This will bring users up to version 1.4.332, and while it does seem to be rolling out to users as of now, it may still take some time before it reaches everyone so you can go ahead and download the apk file of the new Sheets version here if you like. As for what’s actually new in this version of Sheets, there’s nothing extremely monumental happening but that doesn’t make the added features any less useful and some people might find them rather handy.

According to Google, today’s update is all about making on-the-go a much simpler process for users, which should immediately delight just about anyone if not everyone who uses the app consistently on mobile. If you’ve used Sheets on Android before, you know how time consuming it can be to create a new spreadsheet when having to move back and forth between the abc and numerical keyboards to put in the correct values or context. It doesn’t take an immensely longer amount of time mind you but more than some might like. In this update Google has, as they said, simplified things by implementing an auto-switch to the correct keyboard based on the cell contents, meaning you’ll get the abc keyboard or the numerical keyboard at the right times depending on what’s in the cell.

Google also added in the auto-fill feature to make filling in cells much easier, and using it isn’t nearly as complicated as one might think it would be. All you have to do is enter in the context for a few cells to create a pattern which Sheets will recognize, then select the portion of cells you want to auto-fill, tap once to select and then tap on the auto-fill option that is now present. From this point Sheets will take care of the rest for you and make sure all the contents are entered in based on the pattern. A couple of other additions include the contributor role that’s been added to the already existing roles of Owner, writer, commenter, reader, and no access. Contributors should have the ability to make edits to Sheets but would then have to submit those edits for review, unlike owner or writer who can make edits which show up immediately. It also looks like Google may be getting around to adding the discussion/comments feature into Sheets soon which would put it on par with Docs for Android and the web version of Google’s apps, however this particular feature doesn’t seem to be live just yet.