SanDisk Is Rolling Out New Ultra Series MicroSD Cards

If you're not rolling through every day with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge, chances are you may still have a microSD card slot you can use. If you do, then you may or may not be in need of a new microSD card to give yourself some extra storage, or perhaps you were never in need of the expandable storage option to begin with. It doesn't hurt to have it just in case though, and if you find yourself in search of a new card to replace an old one or as a first time accessory for your device, SanDisk is generally the way to go. The problem is sometimes they can be a little pricey.

It seems that SanDisk is rolling out a new set of Ultra series microSD cards in all sizes, most of them with some pretty decent available pricing that almost makes them impossible to pass up. They start as low as 8GB in size for those who need just a little bit of extra space then they go up from there, with the 8GB card costing a mere $6.56. If 8GB isn't enough for you, you can step things up to the 16GB size card which will cost you $9.99. Not a whole lot more for double the extra storage.

After that things jump up to the 32GB card which is set at a price of $14.99 which is, again, not a huge price jump for double the extra storage from the card just below it. Moving on up SanDisk has new Ultra series cards in the 64GB, 128GB, and 200GB sizes as well. The 64GB card is $24.99, while the 128GB card is $59.99 and actually might be the best value as that's a whole lot of additional space for a pretty low cost. If you really need the most space you can possibly get, the 200GB card is available, but it'll definitely cost you a pretty penny as the price is set at a whopping $249.99. It's also worth noting that the 128GB cards are only available for pre-order at the moment and aren't readily shipping to those who place an order. They will however begin shipping August 20th which isn't too far away.

SanDisk Ultra Series microSD - Amazon

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