Samsung Unveils Keyboard Cover For Note 5 And S6 Edge+

Samsung Unpacked 15 AH 20

We pretty much got what we expected from today’s Samsung event. The company introduced the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5. The keynote speakers didn’t focus on the specs of each device as much as the experience they bring and while both are very large devices, the company is proud to recall that they created this new category of large-screened devices by themselves. Aside from the experience the large screens provide, the company announced an accessory that could become appealing to some business users. Like the rest of the devices, the so-called Keyboard Cover was leaked before but now we know it will be available for the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

There are many accessories for smartphones including some keyboards that work with Bluetooth technology for those who actually miss the sensation of pressing physical keys, but they often add some size to today’s already large devices. Samsung’s Keyboard Cover, on the other hand, integrates right into the device covering up some portion of the screen, but the software recognizes when it is on and the apps get adapted to the visible portion. There’s actually a digital keyboard underneath, which recognizes keypresses, thus, this accessory doesn’t use any batteries and it doesn’t require to be paired with Bluetooth. This, being also a cover, can place the keyboard on the back side if the user wants to take advantage of the full display.

The keys are not separated at all, so the typing experience could get a little uncomfortable when typing with the thumbs, so users might want to try it out before making the purchase. Besides the QWERTY keyboard, there are some special keys to introduce symbols which can be seen in a contrasting color, there’s an Alt key, probably to use it as a numerical keyboard and even a key to start voice dictation. There is also a pair of shift keys to switch between uppercase and lowercase letters. There are also navigation buttons in the bottom, to be used within the operating system. There’s no word on the price or availability yet, but it will probably be available with the launch of both phones.