Samsung UK: Galaxy E7 Won’t Be Receiving Lollipop

August 22, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

Many Android devices still don’t have the most recent versions of the operating system, in fact, at the beginning of the month, about 18 percent of the devices were running a version of Lollipop, which is quite a small number. Samsung was one of the first companies to start updating their devices to Lollipop, but some devices were promised to get the update later this year. One of those devices was the Galaxy E7, but the latest on this will come as a huge disappointment for the buyers of the smartphone. Samsung UK has communicated through their official Twitter account that they have “confirmed that the E7 is not going to move to Lollipop”. It is not clear if the news are specific for that country or if this will become the case internationally, but the company was supposed to update this handset in the third quarter and the reasons for taking that back are unknown.

There are a bunch of reasons of why this decision is strange, to say the least. First of all, the Galaxy E7 carries the new naming scheme for Samsung smartphones consisting in a letter indicating the build quality and design of the device and a number, which indicates the size of the display and the quality of its internals. Secondly, this phone was released at a time when some other devices were already updated to Lollipop, so it was safe to assume that the company was already working on the update for other devices. Finally, the Galaxy E5, which was announced at the same time and comes with less powerful specs than the E7, including a lesser RAM count, is reportedly being updated to Lollipop.

As is often the case, manufacturers often favor their high-end offerings with the latest updates and the devices that belong to the Galaxy E series are much more into the mid-range. This lineup is particularly targeted towards emerging markets, but none of these reasons should come as a reason as to why there will be no Lollipop on this handset, especially when the update was announced a little earlier and expected to arrive.