Samsung Shares Infographic about features of the S6 Edge+

Screen Shot 2015 08 18 at 8.55.25 AM

Last week, Samsung finally made the Galaxy S6 Edge+ official. It’s essentially the same as the Galaxy S6 Edge, just a bit bigger. Although it has improved a bit, which is definitely a nice thing. Now that the device is out there in the wild, it’s time for Samsung to start promoting it, and we have our first infographic of the device already showing us some of the best features of the brand new Galaxy.

This infographic from Samsung Tomorrow, highlights some of the multimedia features of the device. Samsung highlights a lot of the awesome new features on the Galaxy S6 Edge+. Like the 4GB of RAM, YouTube Live Broadcast, the Curved Display and more. I have to admit though, YouTube Live Broadcast is probably my favorite feature. Being able to go live on YouTube straight from the Camera app is a pretty amazing feature to have on a smartphone. While Samsung didn’t say it was a Periscope killer, it definitely looks like it is.

Samsung also highlights People edge, which has now transformed into App Edge. So with the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note Edge, you were able to swipe in from the side and get your most recent contacts. However, that was only able to be done from the home screen. That can now be done inside any app. Additionally, if you swipe over again, you can jump into a number of apps that you’ve added there. Making it even easier to multi-task.

Then there’s the camera. Something that Samsung has excelled at for a few years now. While spec-wise it’s the same camera as the Galaxy S6 from earlier in the year, it still has some nice improvements. Like faster auto-focus as well as a faster shutter. It is still f 1.9 aperture, and still does 4K, but does it even better. Samsung also touches on Samsung Pay, which will be launching here in the US next month. It’ll allow you to use your phone to pay for things at many retailers around the world. It launches in Korea this month, actually.

You can check out the full infographic down below. It’s pretty interesting, actually.