New Samsung Video Teases Gear S2 Smartwatch Ahead Of IFA

Samsung Gear S2  7

Earlier this week, Samsung unveiled its two highly anticipated and highly leaked new smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.  Both these new phones take after the Samsung Galaxy S6 as far as style and design and overall feel of both phones.  Lost amid all the hype over these news phones was a short teaser at the end of the presentation. That teaser was evidence that the new designs and new feel of Samsung’s new phones have also bled into its smartwatch division as well. The new watch is called the Gear S2, and it looks to change the way we feel about Samsung smartwatches.

Samsung first unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Gear in 2013 to mixed reviews. Along the way, Samsung ditched Android as its platform for its watches and is now using its in-house operating system Tizen. Samsung has put out watches for fitness and watches with it’s own data plan, so they have left no stone unturned in their quest for the perfect watch. Despite a large number of Samsung watches floating around the market now, none have become big hits, and that’s something Samsung is looking to change. The new Gear S2 looks to be a total revamp of Samsung’s previous watch ideas. Gone are the large, bulky faces with the square edges. The Gear S2 will be the first Samsung smartwatch with a round face, following in the footsteps of the Moto 360 among others. Gear S2 is also taking some elements of the Apple Watch by giving it a round app drawer with Apple like icons. From the quick teaser video, the Gear S2 has a Nike app already in place, as well as maybe having phone connectivity as well. The first Gear S took a SIM card and had WI-FI so it would not be a stretch to think that part two would have the similar features.

The smartwatch market is a crowded space with almost every tech company on the planet with at least one wearable device in its portfolio. That being said, not one of them have a game changing breakout runaway hit. Sure there have been a couple good watches that sold well, but no one has that must have device that has set the world on fire. Samsung is hoping that the Gear S2 with its new look and feel could be that device. We are likely to find out September 3 at IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany.