Samsung Posts Reminder To "Note The Date" For Unpacked

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Samsung’s Unpacked event for the second half of 2015 is nearing its official kickoff, and Samsung wants to make sure everyone remembers to make some time for it when it begins. Rumors began surfacing some time ago that Samsung would be launching the Galaxy Note 5 earlier this year than before to try and avoid any hits to publicity due to the Apple event this Fall. While there’s no certainty on the reasons for Samsung’s decision, it does indeed seem like the Galaxy Note 5 launch has been pushed up by at least a couple of weeks, as Samsung announced last Monday that they were holding an Unpacked event on August 13th.

It was once again widely speculated that this would be the official unveiling day for the Galaxy Note alongside the rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ which has still yet to get a confirmation. At the time though Samsung had simply stated they were holding an event with no regards to the reason for it. It doesn’t take a whole lot of consideration to realize the Galaxy Note 5 launch is the likeliest scenario, since Unpacked towards the second half of the year has been the launch time frame for previous Galaxy Note devices. Samsung’s little reminder today though gives further credence to the idea of the Galaxy Note 5 coming on August 13th as they tell everyone to “Note The Date” in regards to the upcoming event.

This is about as blatant as it could get without coming right out and telling the world that there will be a Galaxy Note 5 launch next week. There’s also the matter of the shape being displayed in the image which seems to resemble the outline of a phone but also the cutout where the S-pen sits on the Note series devices if they’re sitting face down. This close to the event though and with generally everyone already believing this to be the case, Samsung has no more reasons to be subtle about what’s coming. Even with this obvious plug for their Galaxy Note 4 successor, they still haven’t revealed any specs or hardware so there is still some stuff to be left to the imagination, including the actual design of the phone which many Samsung fans and tech enthusiasts, as well as general consumers will be eager to see in its entirety when it gets revealed.