Samsung Made Hands-On Videos Of Their New Phones

Galaxy Note 5 Hands On AH 07

Samsung finally announced the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ last week. They didn’t come as much of a surprise, not only because both were leaked in every possible way, but they follow the design that was introduced by the Galaxy S6 consisting in a metallic frame and glass on front and back. That’s not to say it’s a bad look and both phones actually have some of the best internals available including 4 GB of RAM and very large displays with high resolutions. Since the devices are quite new, there are many aspects to be analyzed before a final verdict can be given, but you can check our hands-on photos of the new Note here and for the curved phone here.

Samsung has also released some videos unboxing the devices and giving them the hands-on treatment. One video of the Note 5 focuses on its design, colors, and accessories, reminding everyone that the company created a phone with a larger screen to do more. It also highlights that despite having the same 5.7-inch screen as the previous model, it’s actually slimmer and smaller, plus the curved back is supposed to make it easier to fit in the hand. They also talk about the look and feel of the new S-Pen, which now clicks to be ejected from the Note 5 and some of the software improvements like the Air Command as well as the ability to take notes without unlocking the device. The other video showcases the software so you can see it in action including how to configure the Air Command, taking Scroll Captures and making notes on them, Smart Select functionality, Cameras, and Multi-Window.

One video of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ focuses on the entertainment features of the device, from the curved display, which supposedly provides a more immersive experience to the cameras and the 4K video recording on the main one, to the Live Broadcast that lets users share YouTube videos in real-time. The unboxing takes place on the design video, which once again, focuses on ergonomics, the colors of the hardware and some software optimizations for the curved display. The People Edge has been given additional options of communication to make the messages more personal and the Apps Edge makes the most used apps more accessible, even from the lock screen. Some accessories like the Clear-View cover, the keyboard cover, and the fast wireless charger can be seen there too.