Samsung increasing OLED Display Production

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Samsung is one of the biggest producer of OLED displays in the world. Many other manufacturers buy their OLED displays from Samsung, that includes AMOLED. While the LCD and IPS displays come from the likes of LG, Sharp and JDI. Samsung is looking to bolster their OLED display production, and will be investing around $3 billion into bolstering the production. The $3 billon that the company is planning to invest, is in the plant they started up in Vietnam last year which cost them around $1 billion then.

It’s said that Samsung may be selling their AMOLED displays to Huawei, which could end up on this year’s Nexus that Huawei is supposedly making. Other manufacturers have used AMOLED displays from Samsung as well, including Motorola in the Moto X last year and the year before. This is how they used Moto Display, as AMOLED panels light up individual pixels instead of the entire screen.

AMOLED has become pretty popular because they make for some really great looking displays, but are also less power hungry than LCD displays. They also produce darker blacks than LCD displays produce. Which have made a lot of customers fall in love with them. Samsung’s AMOLED displays have been very highly regarded in recent memory. In fact, DisplayMate continues to announce Samsung as having the best mobile display. Both in 2014 with the Galaxy S5 and in 2015 with the Galaxy S6.

Samsung is also working on a foldable display. Among other things with displays. Currently we have curved displays on the Galaxy S6 Edge as well as the Galaxy Note Edge from last year. Which were really Samsung’s first widely available smartphones with curved displays. Which are pretty unique, and also cool to take a look at. It’s going to be interesting to see where their displays end up in the next few years, and how well these curved displays get. I’d definitely love to see a foldable display, however. While Samsung isn’t selling as many smartphones as they used too, their display division is still making plenty of cash for the company, as well as their semiconductor business.