Samsung Gear S2 Image Provides First Real Look

August 25, 2015 - Written By John Anon

With IFA quickly approaching, the speculation around certain devices is increasing day-by-day. While smartphones will be the big talk of the event, it seems IFA is quickly establishing itself an an event more associated with when manufacturers choose to release a smartwatch. As such, all eyes will be on both Samsung and Motorola who are expected to launch their next generation smartwatches. For Motorola, this will be the next-gen Moto 360, while for Samsung, this will be the follow up to the Gear S, the Samsung Gear S2

In fact, yesterday saw a couple of pieces of Gear S2 news coming through. The first of which was a report which suggested that the Gear S2 will follow in the footsteps of the original Gear S by offering full standalone cellular features. It was being said, that the Gear S2 will come sporting a nano SIM card slot. A short while later, Samsung themselves, took to a blog post to tease the Gear S2 launch a little more. Further highlighting that the Gear S2 will come with a fully circular display and touting a functional rotatable bezel. Well, following on from the latter news of yesterday and it looks like the Gear S2 is being teased again and in an official capacity.

Dennis Miloseski, Samsung Design America Head of Studio (and also Head of Samsung Mobile UXCA) took to his Instagram account this morning and posted the image shown above. Which clearly seems to be the Gear S2. If you needed more proof, then the image also came with the tagline “Giving the new Samsung Gear S2 a test drive.”. As such, this seems to be one of the first real and proper in-use images of the Gear S2 that we have seen. As you can see from the image, the Gear S2 does look like a really interesting smartwatch and as promised, does seem to adopt a true round display, which is likely be a factor that may sway current Moto 360 owners into giving the Gear S2 a try. That is, if the latest rumors that the Moto 360 again sports the infamous black bar are true. Either way, with IFA growing closer, full images and all details of the Samsung Gear S2 will be arriving soon enough.