Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Smartwatch Concept


When Samsung redesigned their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge this year, the S6 Edge really took the techies by surprise at how smooth and beautiful the curved edges on both sides of the display looked.  The designers at Maform took that smooth and sexy look of the S6 Edge and have applied it to a new concept smartwatch…asking themselves, what would a smartwatch look like that took on the S6 Edge look of curved sides.  The main picture, as well as the ones in our gallery, will give you a look at their idea of what a Samsung S6 Edge styled smartwatch might look like – you may be very pleased.

Smartwatches are certainly here to stay, but many potential customers, me included, are waiting for them to be more functional – give us a really good reason to purchase a smartwatch.  Sony has been making a smartwatch for a few years now, but nobody paid much attention.  Pebble had a hit on its hands due to its low cost and long battery life, but garnered only a cult-like following.  Samsung finally made the name, smartwatch, a household name, but their first attempts, though admirable, required you to have a Samsung smartphone as a companion device – a real turn-off for most.

When Android Wear hit the scenes, we were happy to see Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola and others jump on that bandwagon – a smartwatch that would work with most Android smartphones, which is the way it should be.  Next, we have Apple finally throwing its Apple Watch into the ring and all of a sudden, the smartwatch is now important – just like large displays did not exist before the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.  Although even the Apple Watch did not gain the popularity they thought as their customers were asking, why do I need one when I carry my smartphone with me everywhere?


Design and functionality will encourage some reluctant buyers to finally take the plunge and that is the formula Maform followed in their concept S6 Edge smartwatch.  They designed the watch with curved edges on both sides, giving it a rather 3D look.  They made those edges functional with dedicated toolbars and menus, freeing up the face of the watch.  They added the ability to easily swap wristbands depending on your mood or what function you may be attending – you can even keep it in your pocket or wear it on your lapel.  This concept gets rid of Samsung's fluff and creates a better design that may outdo the Moto 360 or even the Apple Watch.  What do you think about this design?

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