Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Features 'Apps Edge' Shortcuts

AH Galaxy S6 Edge Apps Edge

There were not many details that we didn’t know already regarding Samsung’s new phones, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5. There were many leaks and rumors about them months before the event, so at the announcement, the company didn’t focus on the technical specifications of each device, but rather on the experience they brought along with their large screens. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ comes as a second chance for the company to offer the stylish design of its flagship with a big curved display (not counting Galaxy S6 Edge’s 5.2-inch display, of course).

Samsung’s first attempt to use a curved display in a device was the Galaxy Note Edge, which featured a rather pronounced curve on one side and it offered some exclusive functionality in that part of the display. When the Galaxy S6 Edge was launched, it featured a more subtlety curved display in both sides, so some of the functionality was kept while other was added. One of the new functions was the People Edge, which let you add your favorite contacts into that part of the display and have personalized color-coded notifications for each contact. This is particularly useful when the phone is placed on a surface with the display facing down, as the user would know exactly who’s calling by recognizing the color of the animation.

As it was previously reported, this feature is improved the Galaxy S6 Edge+, as the new interface offers new options such as sending emoji, send pictures or start a video call. There’s a new feature called Apps Edge, which lets users add up to five shortcuts for their most used apps. With one swipe from the edge towards the center of the screen, these shortcuts appear, and another swipe will bring the People Edge functionality. This can be programmed to work on either side of the display. At the announcement it was said that these frequently used apps could also be color coded, so notifications for these apps could also be recognized by their own color, although without a demo it is hard to know if this won’t be confused with the notifications generated by contacts. This is exclusive to the new phone, but it shouldn’t be complicated to bring these new features to the regular S6 Edge, still there’s no word on this.