Samsung Could Be Moving Into Games with 'Samsung Games'

samsunug games

Samsung has many fingers in many different manufacturing pies. While, most of the time, the company’s latest flagship smartphone(s) is what steals most of the headlines in the tech world, it is easy to forget just how many industries and markets Samsung actually operate within. You only have to look back to the company’s home market, South Korea, to really get a taste of the variety of Samsung products that are on offer and how across the spectrum they are. Therefore, when the news comes through that Samsung might be entering another market, it is both big news but also not exactly surprising news.

The latest on this point is that Samsung seem to be making moves to position themselves within the gaming world. How prevalent they expect to be, remains to be seen. Not to mention, how much importance they will place on such a crowded market, also remains unknown for now. That said, the company has now been noted registering a new arm of the business as Samsung Games Co. Ltd and subsequently registering Samsung Games along with the new and nifty logo that you can see in the images above and below.

In fairness, this could be just the most basic of moves on Samsung’s part and a way for them to bring together a collection of games for their many hardware outlets. In addition to their smartphones and tablets, which undoubtedly make often use of games, the company has been very much getting involved with the virtual reality (VR) movement too. Their Gear VR headset has been in development for a long time and since its arrival on the market, continues to be a medium that the company are intent on pushing forward with. Therefore, it does make some sense that the natural progression for them would be to look towards the gaming market, both for VR and mobile. Of course, whether this means any original content will come from Samsung is anyone’s guess. However, it is likely that Samsung Games will be closely watched from now on to see what will, if anything, come from it.

Samsung games