Rumored Image Of The Back Of The HTC A9 (Aero) Emerges

August 24, 2015 - Written By John Anon

In terms of the news, HTC has been hitting the headlines throughout this year for a number of reasons. Of course, the first few months of the year were completely occupied with the rumors and speculation surrounding the launch of the HTC One M9. This was then followed by the second quarter headlines being dominated by how poorly the One M9 was received and subsequently, the device’s poor sales Which led to the more recent headlines that the company was planning a mass culling of its staff in a big shake up.

That said one headline which has persisted through the months is that HTC were planning on releasing another ‘premium’ device before 2015 was out. This was at one point suggested could be the successor to the One M9 and was being pushed forward to quell the One M9 criticisms. However, recent reports now suggest that the follow up One M9 device will now come in 2016 and be called the HTC O2. This was then followed quite soon afterwards that another rumored HTC device, dubbed HTC Aero, will actually land as the HTC A9.

Following on from that last report and it now seems that an image has appeared online which is said to be of the HTC A9. Now, the image does not give too much away in terms of what the device will do, offer or be like, as it is only an image of the back. However, this has already led to speculation that the HTC A9 does look somewhat like the iPhone 6. At least from the back. That said, it could just as easily be argued that it looks more like the HTC One M8. Either way, it does have to be kept in mind, that there is no confirmation that this is a new HTC device, let alone the rumored A9 or even a recent image. Besides the image, there is very little to go on with the A9. In the more recent reports, it has been suggested the device will come with MediaTek’s Helio X20 ten-core processor. However, other than this, the rest of the specs remain pure speculation.