Rumor: Samsung Looking To Speed Up Galaxy S7 Development


The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is pretty much just around the corner. As is the unveiling of what is the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Not to mention, earlier this year at MWC, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. That seems like a lot of phones in such a short space of time. Not forgetting that when the latest two are unveiled next week, it will essentially mark a much earlier unveiling than would occur for the Galaxy Note range, which normally surface a month or so later in the year. To be fair, Samsung has always been a company that releases a lot of devices each year, so although this might not seem unusual, you would be forgiven for thinking that they seem to be ramping up their flagship development.

Well, according to a new report emerging from Asia today, that is exactly what is now happening. The new report specifically talks about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and explains that Samsung are hoping to speed up development by one to two months and possibly even finish the development of the Galaxy S7 as early as December. If you are wondering how they plan (or are) doing this, then the reports talks about the company moving away from a "Waterfall" approach of development and more towards an "Agile" approach.


The difference between the two is simple. The Agile approach is based on a modular way of looking at development. This means that Samsung can essentially develop multiple aspects (modules) of the device at the same time and in an illogical order. Even more importantly, they can backtrack to previously completed modules and change if needed. In contrast, the Waterfall approach is much more cascading where aspects are done (somewhat) in order and once a section is complete, its door is shut and changes can no longer be made. The moving to an Agile approach seems to assume that Samsung will have more flexibility in their development and can push for a quicker overall turnaround. Of course, this does not mean that the Galaxy S7 will arrive any earlier than its likely March release. Although, the early Note 5 release could be the precursor for the company shifting their release cycle forward. Not to mention, back in June saw a rumor that Samsung were planning an early release of the Galaxy S7.

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