Rumor: HTC Aero To Be Launched Soon As HTC A9

HTC Logo AH 1

The first half of the year for HTC has probably not been the half-year the company had hoped for. They did release their latest flagship, the HTC One M9 and seemed confident prior to the release of the device. In fact, most of the market seemed to be confident in the One M9, largely thanks to the number of leaks and building of speculation prior to the launch. However, that wasn’t the case when the device was unveiled Instead, speculation seemed to turn to disappointment, which in turn, turned to slowing of sales and a much lower level of revenue than HTC expected.

As a result, HTC have tried to bounce back by making it clear that they will be releasing another flagship device before the year is out. In fact, HTC’s Cher Wang even referred to a “Hero” device which would come. Well, since then there has been an element of confusion about this upcoming device. It was thought that the next major flagship would arrive around October time. However, a few days ago, came the news that HTC’s next major flagship will be known as HTC O2 (stepping away from their M range). Although, that does not offer any indication on timings, the same rumor stated that this new device will come sporting a Snapdragon 820 processor. This in itself almost guarantees that the device will not appear in 2015, with a Q1 2016 arrival far more likely

However, there has also been rumors of another HTC device which has been going by the name HTC Aero. Again, little was known about this device, although, the latest rumors are now stating that this will actually be known as the HTC A9. Although, the specs of this device are largely unknown, the same source suggests that this will be the device aimed at arriving this year. As such, the 820 is being ruled out as the processor. By the same token, the Snapdragon 810 is also being ruled out due its lack of popularity on the One M9. Instead, the source suggests that the HTC A9 will come sporting a MediaTek Helio X20 ten-core processor. Likewise, the source states that the design of the A9 will be premium, employing of 2.5D curved glass and a full metal body. Lastly, the A9 will be available in two colors, Tyrant Gold and Dark Grey and the price being suggested will be between 3000-4000 Yuan (roughly between $470 and $625).