Pokemon TV Gains Chromecast Support In Latest Update

AH Pokemon TV 2

Are you a Pokemon fan? Did you grow up playing Pokemon on your Gameboy? Perhaps you just indulged in the card game or enjoyed watching the animated series. If you dream of becoming the very best and set out to catch em all, you probably already partake of the Pokemon TV application which is available on the Play Store. If you don’t, now is a good time to check out the app as it just received an update which makes it infinitely more useful. If you’re unfamiliar with what the app provides, it lets users watch full episodes of the Pokemon series, albeit just the ones which the app has in its library.

The good news though is that the app’s latest update now includes support for Chromecast, which means users of the app can finally stream episodes or other Pokemon related videos and content to the big screen or monitor so long as they have a Chromecast plugged in and connected to the same local network. You’ll obviously need to grab a Chromecast for this if you didn’t already have one. More and more apps continue to add Chromecast support allowing for even more functionality of the tiny little HDMI dongle making it even more useful. HBO NOW for instance just recently added Chromecast support for their app last week, about a month after the app launched on Android.

Chromecast support is the only new thing included in this update, although it’s possible that bug fixes and improvements may have been included as well and just weren’t listed. Unless of course The Pokemon Company International feels their app is perfect and is not in need of any bug fixes. Now with Chromecast support, you can take your Pokemon TV with you anywhere you go and watch more comfortably on a larger screen at home or anywhere else you use your Chromecast. The Pokemon TV app is free to use which makes this even more of a reason for fans to check it out, and that puts the only cost at buying the Chromecast device which runs $35 when it’s not on sale.