Photos For The Next Generation Nest Thermostat Leaked

Nest Logo AH

Nest is a company with the main goal of giving its customers a better and smarter home experience. With an array of products and designed specifically to fulfill this vision of a connected home were users can easily and seamlessly interact with the different home appliances. Currently, Nest is owned by Alphabet (a new umbrella company launched by Sergey Brin and Larry Page), and has three main product lines; ranging from smart smoke detectors, security cameras, and its most popular and best sold Nest Learning Thermostat. All of the three products have evolved overtime, with new variants already for sale in various retail stores and online. Said new variants have added some rather appreciated design changes and overall improvements, which have created some sort of anticipation to see what the next generation of Nest gadgets will look like and what innovations will they boast. Fortunately, a set of new pictures have leaked today showcasing what the next generation of the Nest Learning Thermostat might look like, giving everyone that was impatiently waiting a few more details of Nest’s latest gadget.

The first leaked photo, is a simple packaging box with a small house image printed on it which might be where the new testing version of the device will be shipped in. What gives away that in fact this is most likely the box for the third generation Nest Learning Thermostat, is that with the second generation, Nest sent the testing model in a similar unbranded box. Although the packaging will surely change by the time the device hits retail stores to be more representative of the device itself, and not just be a box with an ambiguous house printed on it. The second leaked image depicts the Nest Learning Thermostat itself, which at first sight might look like the previous iteration; but when compared side by side, the main design change becomes apparent. The new Nest Learning Thermostat will include a bigger display, without increasing the overall size of the device itself. But that’s about it, apart from the bigger screen, Nest hasn’t made any other major changes to the Learning Thermostat.

Fortunately, these leaked images might be the first of what might be a wave of new information about the upcoming device, which might be officially announced in a near future. The new Nest Learning Thermostat already went through the FCC last week, which means that the gadget is getting closer to its launch date.