OtterBox Launch Cases For Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & S6 Edge+

OtterBox Case Galaxy Note 5 S6 Edge

Some of the first leaks of the newly announced Galaxy Note 5 were renders that Samsung sent to some accessory manufacturers so that they would have their products ready when it launched. The Galaxy S6 Edge+, on the other hand, was leaked in official-looking renders and some dummy units. Either way, these phones already have some official accessories like the keyboard cover, which was mentioned during the presentation, others were seen where they showcased the new phones. Some of them are expected to be created with some artists or designers, but there are also third-party makers that offer options with different materials and with more levels of protection.

Yesterday, Trident announced a Galaxy Note 5 case to protect it and now OtterBox, who is also known for making resistant cases has announced their offerings for the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+. For the Galaxy Note 5, there are cases from their Defender Series, Symmetry Series, Commuter Series and Alpha Glass and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ can be protected with the Symmetry Series and Clearly Protected device guards.

The Defender Series provides three layers of protection in a case made of polycarbonate and it includes a screen protector so users can rest assured that no accident happens to the phone. While keeping all of its functionality, including the use of the the S Pen. Plus, users can customize it with their own color options on the company’s site, it’s price is $59.90. The Symmetry Series features a case with a sleek, slim and one-piece design that helps to protect the screen against accidental drops without being bulky and is priced at $49.95 for the Note 5 and $35.95 for the S6 Edge+. The Commuter Series offer a two-layered protection that helps absorb impacts thanks to an inner layer, while the other layer helps to keep lint away from the ports of the phone, it’s price is $44.95.

Alpha Glass protects the large screen from scratches without affecting its responsiveness and is resistant against splintering. It works best when used with the Symmetry and Commuter Series and it has the Clear and Privacy options while being priced at $34.95. Clearly Protected is a film protector that installs easily and is available in Vibrant, Privacy, and 360 options, while being priced at $29.95. All of the products are available directly from OtterB and at select retailers.