OnePlus to Steady Stream of OnePlus 2 Invites Internationally


The OnePlus train has been one fraught with emergency stops and a bumpy ride since the original phone launched last year. This sort of thing is to be expected from any new company of course, but with the OnePlus 2 we thought things were going to be a little different. So did OnePlus, it seems. The invite system that nobody seems to like about OnePlus and the way they do business outside of China returned for their second smartphone. Since it did, it's experienced a hack to jump the queue and a criticism that asking users to promote the phone to get a better spot is akin to outsourcing marketing work. Well, it appears those looking for a OnePlus 2 might have even longer to wait now, as the invite system is shifting gears and slowing down for the foreseeable future.

Writing on the official OnePlus forums, Carl Pei writes that "we will be rolling out invites slowly to closely monitor and act on user feedback". The reasons, it appears are twofold; the USB Type-C cable provided doesn't appear up to scratch and "continuous work is being done on OxygenOS to improve the overall product experience". We're sure that users will be happy OnePlus wants to deliver a better overall experience for their customers, but having to wait even longer is probably not helping OnePlus. After all, the device must have been in development for quite some time now, and despite the company focusing on the invite system to keep marketing costs down, users probably feel OnePlus should already have the Two ready to go.


For a device that costs just $329 though, there are always going to be some compromises when it comes to overall customer service and time of delivery. Hopefully though, once things with the new Oxygen OS versions and USB Type-C cables are sorted out, invites can start rolling nice and smoothly and those looking to get their hands on the latest OnePlus device can do so in their droves. In the meantime, why not take a look at our coverage including our first impressions.

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