OnePlus Reservation System Hacked & Hacker Explains How

oneplus hack

OnePlus is a company which has developed quite contrasting degrees of attention. On the one hand, they have managed to excel in marketing and create a brand loyalty that any big manufacturer would be envious of. On the other hand, they have managed to market themselves so poorly that they seemed to have alienated a number of users before even trying one of their products. This marketing duality has come from what seems to be an almost endless number of campaigns, contests and general statements from OnePlus which has literally left the android community completely divided.

That said, there seems to be nothing more unifying when it comes to OnePlus than the invite system. While OnePlus stand by the system and claim it is a success, it seems to be universally disliked by everyone who encounters it (and even those who have not). As such, when OnePlus once again announced that their newest device, the OnePlus 2 would employ the invite system, it left many hoping to get the device, rather unhappy. Too make matters worse and in spite of limited invites becoming available so far, OnePlus did launch a reservation page which was essentially is a sign-up for those hoping to get an invite, a request to be invited so to speak. Impressively, the number of those signing up resulted in the company announcing they had one million reservations in as little as three days. However, the nature of the reservation system is a little biased (from the end-user perspective), as those who can get others to sign-up through their individual link, can push themselves up the list. Not so good for those with little social media presence but hoping to get their hands on an invite.

Well, one developer, Jake Cooper, decided to take on OnePlus at their own game and devised a way to essentially hack the reservation system. The process is not for the faint-hearted and you do need to know what you are doing, but it seems Cooper did manage to hack the system and take his position in the reservation queue from 70,000 down to 1,694. Cooper, does explain the logic of how he went about hacking the system but does not provide a completely detailed explanation, as he states it is not his intention to get more people to hack the system. Not to mention, Cooper has also contacted OnePlus via Twitter to alert them to the issue, although they have yet to reply to his tweet. Either way, if you are interested in finding out how he hacked the reservation process you can by clicking the source link below.