OnePlus Confirm They Are Slowing Down Invite Rollout

AH OnePlus 2 210

A few weeks ago, OnePlus launched their next generation flagship device, the OnePlus 2. At the time, this was one of the most highly speculated devices of the year. However, when the device did launch, it seemed many were not as impressed as they thought they might have been before the launch. While many features of the device had already been announced, those that was left were not as exciting. Not to mention, with the confirmation that the OnePlus 2 does not support NFC or any sort of advanced charging, also seemed to dampen spirits.

The other issue that has arose for OnePlus since the launch of the OnePlus 2, is the invite system. Similar To the OnePlus One, the invite system was back for the second device and this is something which instantly turned many people off. Although, in fairness, OnePlus have still seen millions of people registering for an invite. Now, it is beginning to seem as though there might be other issues arising in actually getting the invite to begin with. OnePlus did confirm last week that customers in the U.S. would have to wait longer than elsewhere for their devices to begin shipping. Details as to why were limited although the wait was attributed to “production schedules“. Well, today, OnePlus has also now confirmed that they will begin slowing down the invites they offer. The blog post states that the slowing down of invites will be for multiple regions worldwide and will take place over the next few weeks

Interestingly, the same post also notes that their Type-C USB cable does not seem to be as robust as they had hoped for. The post does state that they have only seen a “few cases” but issues like this seem to be a contributing factor as to why they are slowing down the invite seeding “For these reasons, we will be rolling out invites slowly to closely monitor and act on user feedback“. Effectively, allowing them a closer watch on the inventory that is leaving. Likewise, OnePlus also did state if you have seen any issues with your OnePlus 2 then their support team is ready to be contacted