OnePlus 2 Sells 30,000 Units in 64 Seconds


When it comes to controversy, there are few other smartphones companies, if any, that can cause as much of it as OnePlus can. Ever since the original OnePlus One arrived, we've been reading – and writing – stories about some sort of harebrained scheme of theirs. Most recently, with the launch of the OnePlus Two, the omission of NFC and QuickCharge seem to have disappointed a lot of people. Not only that, but their slogan of the OnePlus Two being the "2016 flagship killer" doesn't seem to have gone done very well, either. Well no matter, because whatever it is OnePlus is doing, it seems to be working.

According to their Weibo account, OnePlus have sold 30,000 units of their new device in just 64 seconds. You might be wondering just how that's possible considering that you have to be on a list of invites, a list which was recently cracked open. Well, in China, you can purchase a OnePlus 2 whenever you like and OnePlus recently received such a large demand for it that they sold 30,000 or so units in just over a minute. That might not be Samsung or Apple levels of demand, but that's pretty impressive to say that this is just China, a country where Xiaomi and Huawei Honor devices are readily available at the click of your fingers. Rather than leading the pack in China when it comes to selling their latest smartphone, it looks like OnePlus is following the flash sale model. Buyers in China will get another chance come August 11th.


The invite system is something that is apparently integral to the way that OnePlus can keep the low price of $329, but it'll never please everyone. As OnePlus begins to close out the end of the year with the OnePlus 2, it wouldn't surprise us if there were more controversies ahead for them and their fans. Having said that, with results like these, it doesn't like negative press or customer outrage is going to hold them back much, if at all. Only time will tell whether or not the OnePlus Two is a solid release from the company, or if it will face hardware issues and such.

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