OnePlus 2 OTA Update Inbound, Stagefright Patch Included

OnePlus2 Review AH display

We have all been there before.  As soon as you get that latest and greatest new phone and fire it up, there is an update waiting to be downloaded. Day one updates are a common occurrence in the tech world today. Some can be massive and take a few minutes while other are small and take a quick second or two. Upstart OnePlus is sending out its first update to its brand new OnePlus 2 this week. It may not be a day one update but its close enough. The OnePlus 2 is the brand new flagship killer from the Chinese startup following on the heels of its highly successful OnePlus One. Running OnePlus own OxygenOS and armed with a fingerprint scanner and a USB Type-C connector the OnePlus 2 is a big time upgrade over the OnePlus One.

Even with all the new bells and whistles the OnePlus 2 it seems still needs some help under the hood, which is where its first OTA update comes in. This update contains the usual bug fixes and battery life improvements, but the attention grabber here is the Stagefright patch.  Stagefright is the name of a hole in Android that can be attached using video messages in text. This flaw was found in Android systems as far back as Android OS Froyo in 2010. It goes without saying that this is a big problem one the Android community and its developers are rapidly trying to fix.  The fact that OnePlus has issued its patch for Stagefright so soon after the release of the OnePlus 2 is excellent news. Not only is it great for its consumers but also anyone thinking of getting in line to wait for an invite to buy the phone.

Also included in the update are improvements to the user interface logic and coherence. Issues with pinch-to-zoom in Google Photos, an issue where Dark Mode would cause instability in certain apps. As well as an issue related to import/export of contacts stored on SIM card and additional support for global carrier APNs. Users who have gotten the update say it’s about 40MB. OnePlus has said it will start the roll out with India and make its way out from there. So even though you might not see this update for a week or two, it’s well worth it to patch up the Stagefright hole and finally get it closed on our phones for good.