Off-Contract Prices For Galaxy Note 5 & S6 Edge+ Compared

Galaxy Note 5 Hands On COLOR AH 19

After weeks of rumors, leaks and gossips, Samsung’s next generation flagship phablet duo are finally official. With the Galaxy Note 5 and its cousin, the Galaxy S6 Edge+, having been announced by Samsung at New York City earlier on Thursday, all the leading carriers have pretty much already announced their prices for both devices. While prices on contract are expected to vary significantly from carrier to carrier depending on the chosen plan, some may find it a tad surprising that even off-contract pricing from the carriers are showing significant variance from one another. What’s even more surprising, is that Verizon seems to have bettered the likes of T-Mobile when it comes to the off-contract pricing for both the devices. AT&T meanwhile, seems to have consistently priced their devices higher than the competition. The smartphones are available for pre-order with immediate effect, whereas regular retail sales will commence from August 21st.

Coming to the pricing, Verizon, as mentioned already, seems to have priced the devices lower than its three largest rivals. The 32 GB version of the Galaxy Note 5 would cost $696 off-contract at Verizon, whereas the 64 GB version of the device has been priced at $792. As for T-Mobile, it has listed $699.99 as the price of the 32 GB version of the Note 5. The company hasn’t however, provided a quote for the 64 GB version. As for Sprint, the carrier is asking for $720 for the 32 GB Galaxy Note 5 and $816 for the 64 GB version. AT&T meanwhile, wants $739.99 and $839.99 respectively for the two available versions. While the Samsung US website does mention a 128 GB version of the Galaxy Note 5, the company didn’t announce it during the presentation earlier today.

As for the pricing of the Galaxy S6 Edge+, once again, Verizon’s pricing continues to trump that of its rivals. The 32 GB version of the S6 Edge+ would cost $768 at the Big Red, while the better equipped version would cost $864. As for T-Mobile, once again, the company doesn’t seem to be offering the 64 GB version of the device, but seems to have priced the 32 GB version at $779.99. Sprint would charge you $792 for the 32 GB model whereas the 64 GB model would cost you $888 at the carrier. Last, but not the least, AT&T is fixing to charge $814.99 for the 32 GB version of the phablet, whereas the 64 GB version of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ can be yours at $914.99 from AT&T.