NVIDIA CEO: Recall Affects most of our SHIELD Tablets Sold

Nvidia SHIELD Tablet e1416161132791

You might remember that last week, NVIDIA recalled a number of the SHIELD Tablets that they had sold. Due to the battery overheating and possibly catching on fire. The company’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang stated that this recall affected the majority of the tablets his company has sold. With 83,000 being in the US and 5,000 being in Canada. Those with the batteries codenamed Y01 are affected, however those with the codename B01, are not affected.

“Ultimately it was a hard lesson in learning about battery suppliers and battery supply chain,” Huang said. “I guess at some level I’m glad we learned it at the beginning when our expectations for sales were rather modest and just getting into it.”

So if 88,000 were the “vast majority” of the tablets they sold, then obviously they didn’t sell a whole lot. But to be honest this is their first tablet really. And as Huang said in his quote above, they learned this lesson in the beginning. When their sales expectations where modest. Which is a great thing for NVIDIA. You’d hate to be of Samsung’s stature and recall every single Galaxy S6 you sold.

NVIDIA has said they are going to be replacing every single SHIELD Tablet they recalled, for free. So if you’re a SHIELD Tablet owner, that’s great news for you. Additionally, NVIDIA plans to stick to the device market. So that means that owners of the SHIELD Tablet will continue to get support, at least for now. Huang didn’t state how long SHIELD Tablet owners can expect to get updates. But considering they haven’t announced a newer model just yet, it should still get updates and such. So SHIELD Tablet owners won’t be forgotten.

NVIDIA actually had a pretty decent quarter, of course that was largely thanks to their GPU business, which always seems to be selling bonkers. Their Graphics cards are some of the best in the business, and any PC Gamer would tell you just how great they really are. With NVIDIA’s new projects like SHIELD, they are bound to be even more successful. They just need to find those gamers.