Nuance Bringing Dragon Voice Dictation To Android

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Nuance has been one of the leading companies of voice dictation software for awhile now. The companies Dragon voice dictation software is widely used on computers by professionals and college students alike, but what about mobile? On Android, you can get a small taste of Dragon via either the Dragon Mobile Assistant app or the Swype keyboard where Dragon powers the voice dictation by default. Neither of these offers the full potential of the Dragon software that is widely used for voice dictating entire paragraphs or college lectures, though. Well, the folks over at Nuance have finally decided to change that.

Nuance has announced that they will be bringing the full power of Dragon to both Android and iOS. The app will be called Dragon Anywhere and will offer the same exact updated software that is scheduled to hit both the Windows and Mac version of Dragon in the near future. This is the same software that many professionals rely on in their daily lives for dictating paragraphs and paragraphs of speech.

What is so nice about Dragon voice dictation is that the dictation is recognized immediately after the user says it. This means that as you talk the words will appear on-screen, transcribed and ready to be edited if need be. This has always been a very nice bit of software to possess for many people, but there has always been one glaring restriction, mobility. Even if you were to have the Dragon software installed on a laptop it is still not very convenient to bring around with you. Once this same software hits Android and iOS devices that restriction will be eliminated completely.

Nuance says that the Dragon Anywhere app that is coming to mobile will not just be another voice dictation app. They claim that the app will actually learn from the users voice over time so that it can provide better voice dictation as time goes on. The app will also offer support for industry-specific custom words that the user can set up. On top of all of this, users will also be able to import and export through cloud services such as Dropbox. If you are a professional or college student who relies on Dragon software then your life is about to get a whole lot more convenient.  The best part is that you will not have to wait that long for this app. Nuance has announced that the app will be available on Android and iOS this fall.