NSA Approves LG G4 For Government Use

LG G4 BlackLeather TD AH 17

LG released the LG G4 just over three months ago and since then, it has been praised as a great device. Improving over what the previous iteration did right and bringing a completely unique smartphone experience, with better specs and new features. LG spared no expense with the LG G4, as it not only includes high quality hardware, but also an extremely well-built software. This has just been noticed by governmental entities, like the National Security Agency (NSA), and the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP),  two entities that foremost seek out privacy and the overall protection of data. When looking at the smartphone, LG built the LG G4 with security in mind, which is why both the NSA and the NIAP, approved the handset to be used within government security and corporate environments. In order to meet the requirements to be endorsed by said entities, the smartphone in question must have enough security criteria to successfully go through the “Cryptographic Module Validation Program”.

LG wants to sell as many handsets as possible, which is why the company did an extra effort with the LG G4 to be approved after going through the CMVP, a joint American and Canadian security accreditation program. If any manufacturer wants its product to be certified and possibly adopted by governmental bodies or regulated industries that might need to collect, store, transfer, and share delicate information, they have to first get it approved by a third party lab that is officially credited as a “Cryptographic Module Testing Laboratory”, such as the NIAP or the NSA in this particular case.

The LG G4 is not the first device that LG has since approval to be used within governmental entities, as the previous iteration of the G family, the LG G3, was also certified for cryptographic modules. “With LG G4’s NIAP certifications, we are bringing peace of mind to both corporate IT managers and employees, offering a secure Android option for the workplace”, Chris Yie, Vice President and Head of Marketing Communications at LG, stated. Yie also noted how this approval can be attributed to the LG G4’s “GATE” technology, which provides the user with advanced security and mobile device management options.