Ninja Snap Takes Selfies Of Unsuspecting Snoopers

August 21, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

We’ve probably all been there at one point in our lives. That time where we’ve caught our friends snooping through our photos gallery on our smartphones.  Maybe they weren’t friends, maybe they were family members, the point is, snooping isn’t cool. Asking permission to look through apps is key. If you’re on an Android device running Lollipop you can simply invoke the screen pinning feature before handing your smartphone over to a buddy or someone else as this could keep them from viewing any of the apps other than what you’re approving them to use. Not all devices have Lollipop though, and perhaps you’re handing over your phone for the purpose of showing someone a picture in your gallery, in which case screen pinning becomes useless. That’s where Ninja Snap can come in as a useful tool, to troll your friends and family members to where they likely would get the hint that they should keep their nose out of your stuff without asking first. On that note, it’s also a fun app which even Lollipop users could play with if they simply want to play a joke on others.

The app’s main focus is pretty simple, as it stealthily snaps a selfie with the front camera whenever the unsuspecting individual starts swiping through the gallery. The key is that you have to open the app first and configure a couple of things, then select the photos you want to show the person. It populates a “fake gallery” of sorts so the person thinks they’re swiping through the real thing and bam. Eventually they’re met with a nice big selfie of their own face. That’s not all though. Ninja Snap also pastes a picture of Kanye West’s face on top of the selfie for a perfectly timed prank. Especially so if the person you’re showing photos to hates Kanye West. This is an optional feature, of course, but it really takes the app to the next level.

If this doesn’t sound like fun to you, it should. Because there’s no better feeling than watching the face of a friend in this sort of a situation knowing they’ve been caught trying to scroll through photos they’re not supposed to. The idea here though is to do this to someone who you know is prone to looking through photos past the one you’re trying to show them. The app also holds a few useful features like infinite gallery mode, as well as the exit app on back button so the person viewing the photos doesn’t see the app’s main menu, thus never knowing it existed.

Ninja Snap