New US Trademark Hints At Upcoming LG G4 Note

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LG has been reportedly working on a new variant to the hugely popular LG G4, which was released just a little over four months ago in April. Since the release of the flagship device, the media has wondered if LG was at some point going to release a stylus-enabled version of the LG G4, just as the company did with last year’s flagship, the LG G3, with a device called the LG G3 Stylus. Unfortunately, LG remained silent about the possibility of a device like this being released in a near future, but didn’t actually deny that a similar variant to the LG G4 could arrive at some point. The various rumors and leaks that pointed out LG was in fact working on a stylus-enabled variant for the LG G4 have became a whole lot more reliable, as the name LG G4 Note was trademarked in LG’s home of South Korea earlier this year, serving as an indication that LG at least had plans to develop such a device. Today, new reports have surfaced about the same name being trademarked in the United States as well.

The rumored LG G4 Note will most likely up the specs of the already released LG G4, but at the moment, any specific hardware changes that the LG G4 Note might bring over to the LG G4 are still vague. Most reports have stated that it will be somewhat more powerful than the original model. The highly anticipated device will also most likely include a stylus to directly compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which was launched just a few weeks ago.

With the LG G4 Note, the South Korean-based company would be making a much needed comeback to the high-end phablet market, which has been thoroughly dominated by Samsung’s Note lineup. Although the upcoming LG G4 Note is still unconfirmed by any official source, the compiled evidence highly points towards an eventual worldwide launch by LG in the near future; but remain skeptical, as even if the name has already been trademarked, there have been instances when it doesn’t lead to anything else and the device is never launched so this could potentially be the case.