New Images Reported To Be Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Emerge

August 17, 2015 - Written By John Anon

The tablet market is one which is in considerable turmoil at the moment. Being squeezed from the smaller notebooks and Chromebooks at the larger side of the market and equally as squeezed by the increasing phablet devices at the other end, tablets are slowly losing their identity. That said, some manufacturers still seem to be hitting the right notes with tablets. While Samsung seem to be the clear leader when it comes to sheer variety, Lenovo has been making a names for themselves in the Android tablet market too. In fact, their Yoga line seems to be carving out its own position within the tablet market thanks to its unique design and nature.

Unlike most other tablets, Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet 2 was a tablet which came with an adjustable base and one with a sort of hook placement on it. This meant, not only could the Yoga Tablet 2 be moved into various positions and used in variety of different ways, but it could also be hung quite easily from a door or wall hook. Further adding to its unique appeal. Well, that was last year’s model and there has already been a number of rumblings suggesting that the next generation Yoga tablet is on the way. In fact, it was less than two weeks ago when the first picture appeared showcasing what it largely thought to be the Yoga Tablet 3

Following on from that image and today, new images have appeared which again are said to be the Yoga Tablet 3. Continuing the Yoga tradition, the pictures, if accurate, do again confirm the inclusion of the rotatable base. However, unlike the Yoga 2, it seems the Yoga 3 also contains a rotatable camera. Now the rotatable camera was also mentioned by the tipster who provided the previous image of the device. However, this time round, the latest images show a much clearer view of the Tab 3 and the rotatable camera. Unfortunately, besides this, the images do not provide many more details on what to expect as the rest of the tablet looks rather inline with the Tab 2. @upleaks who provided the latest images does state that this could be a September release and therefore, it seems likely that it may be making an appearance at IFA next month

Yoga Tab 3 render 2