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The rumored BlackBerry running on Android is one of the most speculated on devices of the year. The rumors have been ongoing and although no official confirmation has come through, it is largely believed that BlackBerry are planning on launching an Android device in the next couple of months. The device expected to land is the BlackBerry Venice and has been noted in various renders over the last few weeks sporting a sliding keyboard with the latest details suggesting Venice will land sometime in November. However, there has also been other rumors suggesting BlackBerry are planning on releasing two Android devices in the near future.

Well, the notion of two Android powered BlackBerry devices resurfaced a couple weeks ago when images of what seemed to be a BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition were spotted online. Needless to say, the images showed the BlackBerry Passport running on Android and instantly caused a stir. Following on from this, there is some more news coming through now about the second device. The latest information suggests that BlackBerry is indeed working on a BlackBerry Passport which will run on Android and it will indeed be a second Android device from the company, following the BlackBerry Venice in November. The Android Passport is said to go by the BlackBerry Passport 2 name and will be available in the second quarter of 2016.


However, it is not that straightforward. The same source states that the BlackBerry Passport 2 will only reach the market if the BlackBerry Venice proves to be a successful device once it is released. As such, the assumption is, if Venice fails, the BlackBerry Passport 2 will not arrive. The source of the information is a YouTuber who also claims to have the device in hand. It is only a prototype, but one which is said to be fully functional. To further back up the claims, the YouTuber has provided new images of the device which do seem to be showing a Silver Edition BlackBerry Passport running on Android. Although, as with anything like this, caution needs to be taken. You can see the latest images of the Android powered BlackBerry Passport Below.

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