New Google Patent Shows Hat Version Of Glass

glass hat1

Google Glass is another device which has been doing the rumor rounds heavily in recent months. In fact, pretty much all of 2015 has seen an abundance of Glass news and since the Explorer program came to an end. As such, the rumors have focused on the future of Glass and where it is likely to be positioned in future generations. The most recent and consistent rumors, all highly point to the next generation of Glass being one which is aimed towards the enterprise sector. In fact, the recent rumors have suggested that it is already in testing within various enterprise industries and that there will not be a consumer version available anytime soon. That said, that does not mean that a version of Glass will not be coming to consumers in the future. As the same rumor sources also point to additional variations of Glass which are in development and likely to come to market.

One of the most common sources for Glass news comes from patents which emerge and showcase various features that the next generation Glasses might offer. A prime example being the patent which emerged a few weeks back and suggested that Glass wearers might be able to take a picture with their fingers. In terms of the patents, the most recent of which is now appearing today and highlights a less than orthodox use for the less than orthodox product.

The new patent highlights Glass as a hat connected device. In short, gone is the actual frame for Glass and instead, the main prism (that in truth, is Glass), attaches to the front of a hat. This means Glass can still somewhat be used in the traditional way but from a much greater distance and presumably in a less visually interrupting manner. Although, that is likely to be a debatable point. The new patent shows two aspects to the hat version of Glass, with the first being the actual hat attachment The second, is the main display which magnetically attaches to the first piece. For those interested, you can read the patent information in full via the source link below.